2-hole Cord Lock Stopper Toggles 10 pcs - khaki

10 pcs of toggles in khaki color, essential for every airsoft player with a ghillie suit. Durable and easy to use, ideal for quick attachment of vegetation and perfect camouflage. Enhance your camouflage ability in the field.
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Every owner of a ghillie suit knows how crucial it is to perfectly blend in with the surrounding environment. Even though many ghillie suits offer several elastic bands for attaching surrounding vegetation, often it is not enough for truly effective camouflage. We present to you these Two-hole Toggles, the ideal solution for anyone wanting to achieve effective and quickly adjusted camouflage using local vegetation.

These toggles, made of durable nylon, allow you to easily and securely attach surrounding vegetation to your suit, tactical gear, or any other item. No more slipping of branches or leaves. Become a real master of camouflage and increase your invisibility in the field with our toggles.

Composition: nylon, metal

Purchased in the Czech Republic

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