About us

FALLENS AIRSOFT Ltd. Logo - Benešov near Prague


In the heart of Benešov, our vision was born: to transform a passionate airsoft team into a provider of affordably premium airsoft equipment. When Mediel from FALLENS AIRSOFT TEAM laid the foundation for FALLENS AIRSOFT Ltd. in September 2022, he combined his passion for airsoft with an ambition to offer players the best equipment. Our journey is just beginning, but with heart and soul, we're already deeply immersed in the airsoft world. 🌟

What sets us apart? Above all, our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality. Not only does every product bearing our name go through three levels of quality assurance, but we also take pride in our customers having the final say. Thus, we offer signature airsoft products of premium quality at regular prices that will delight every airsoft enthusiast. 💪

We all know that airsoft isn't just about the equipment. It's primarily about people, about the community. That's why we place great emphasis on building strong relationships, supporting, and expanding the airsoft community, believing in the power of community. We believe that great game experiences arise from great players and their team spirit. 🤝

Now that you know our story, we invite you to become part of it. Join us, try our products, and discover what it means to be part of FALLENS AIRSOFT! 🌟

Link to our Discord server: https://discord.gg/CK3cBSj2de