Airsoft BBs 6mm - Bio

Welcome to the 6mm Airsoft BBs - Bio category!

Ecology and sports enthusiasm can go hand in hand. Our bio BBs prove that airsoft gameplay can be environmentally responsible. Designed with nature in mind, these BBs decompose after a certain period, minimizing their impact on the ecosystem.

Each bio BB is manufactured with utmost precision, ensuring consistent performance in all your games. Even with its biodegradable nature, quality and performance are never compromised.

If you wish to merge your passion for airsoft with an ecological approach, our bio BBs are the perfect solution. If you're looking for other variants, also explore our regular BBs or tracer BBs.

Want to learn more about choosing airsoft BBs? Check out our articles on the blog.

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FALLENS AIRSOFT BIO BBs 0.23g (4347bb)

FALLENS AIRSOFT BIO BBs 0.23g - Powerful, biodegradable airsoft pellets for enhanced accuracy and range.
295,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BIO BBs 0.25g (4000bb)

345,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BIO BBs 0.28g (3571bb)

355,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BIO BBs 0.32g (3125bb)

385,00 Kč