Airsoft BBs 6mm - Tracer - Bio

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Introducing a special range of airsoft BBs: the combination of tracer and bio-degradable features. Our Tracer - Bio BBs create an impressive light trail in flight, enriching nighttime games while also protecting nature due to their biodegradability.

They are ideal for players looking for a thrilling experience in nighttime games or who prefer speedsoft. These BBs are also eco-friendly, ensuring both entertainment and environmental care. When combined with a tracer silencer or special hop-up, they offer both fun and environmental consideration. And the best part? Despite offering premium quality, our BBs are affordably priced, making them a great alternative to more expensive competitor products.

Want to learn more about airsoft techniques, tips, and tricks? Visit our blog to find out more! If you're looking for alternative types of BBs, check out our standard or other tracer variants. Explore the world of airsoft with our Tracer - Bio BBs and discover how they can enhance your gameplay!

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