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Sterilized Meals | MRE

Explore a wide range of Sterilized Meals, ideal for your outdoor adventures. We offer a diverse selection of dishes, from traditional recipes to modern cuisine, all meticulously processed and sterilized using the latest technology. These meals retain all nutritional values, taste, and aroma, making them the perfect solution for nature lovers seeking quality, convenience, and longevity. Enjoy excellent meals anywhere, whether in the mountains, on a trek, or camping, without compromising on taste and quality.

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Picture of Chicken Korma with rice (400g)

Chicken Korma with rice (400g)

Taste Chicken Korma with rice from Adventure Menu – true flavors of India in every bite. Juicy chicken breast in a spicy coconut milk sauce with Garam Masala. Perfect for gourmets on the go or as a quick lunch. Adventure Menu brings authenticity and quality with 100% natural ingredients. (gluten-free, egg-free)
235,00 Kč
Picture of Honey and Chili Chicken Wings (300g)

Honey and Chili Chicken Wings (300g)

Prepare for a flavor explosion with Honey and Chili Chicken Wings (300g) from Adventure Menu. The sweetness of honey and a hint of chili create a perfect harmony of flavors. Ideal for an evening gathering with friends or as a spicy kick-off to a feast. (Gluten-free, egg-free, lactose-free)
209,00 Kč
Picture of 100% Turkey Meat with Onions (200g)

100% Turkey Meat with Onions (200g)

Taste perfection with 100% Turkey Meat with Onions from Adventure Menu – your choice for healthy and delicious dining. High in protein, low in fat, and easy to prepare, this meal is the ideal solution for an active lifestyle. Allergen-free, no compromise on flavor.
229,00 Kč
Picture of Farmer's Ham with Lentil Ragout (400g)

Farmer's Ham with Lentil Ragout (400g)

Try the Farmer's Ham with Lentil Ragout from Adventure Menu – an authentic taste experience made from quality ingredients. This combination of ham and lentils offers rich flavor and nutrition, perfect for any adventure. Easy to prepare, long shelf life.
219,00 Kč
Picture of Beef goulash with potatoes (400g)

Beef goulash with potatoes (400g)

Discover the taste of the traditional Beef Goulash with Potatoes from Adventure Menu. The authentic recipe ensures a rich flavor with a ratio of onion to meat, thickened with gluten-free flour. The perfect choice for lovers of classic dishes with a modern twist. Gluten-free, egg-free, and lactose-free.
235,00 Kč
Picture of Deer Ragout with Potato Dumplings (400g)

Deer Ragout with Potato Dumplings (400g)

Taste a culinary delight with Deer Ragout and Potato Dumplings from Adventure Menu. The perfect blend of wild flavors and homely comfort, ideal for nature lovers.
235,00 Kč
Picture of Chicken Gardener's Style with Beans (400g)

Chicken Gardener's Style with Beans (400g)

Taste "Chicken Gardener's Style with Beans" from Adventure Menu – light, balanced, and full of flavor. Ideal for healthy eating enthusiasts and fans of simple yet delicious cuisine.
229,00 Kč
Picture of Meatballs with Basmati Rice and Tomato Sauce (400g)

Meatballs with Basmati Rice and Tomato Sauce (400g)

Discover Meatballs with Basmati Rice and Tomato Sauce (400g) from Adventure Menu. A perfect blend of premium beef, basmati, and homemade tomato sauce with a hint of cinnamon. An ideal choice for lovers of simple, yet rich flavors. Gluten-free.
229,00 Kč
Picture of Roast Beef with Thyme (200g)

Roast Beef with Thyme (200g)

Taste Roast Beef with Thyme (200g) from Adventure Menu, a masterful creation of prime beef and thyme. The perfect choice for gourmets and travelers. Gluten-free, egg-free, lactose-free.
259,00 Kč
Picture of Spicy Stew with Bulgur (400g)

Spicy Stew with Bulgur (400g)

Spicy Stew with Bulgur from Adventure Menu: your gateway to a spicy adventure. Pork and turkey meat, paprika sausage, and bacon in a rich sauce with jalapenos and chili. Nutritious, full of flavor, lactose-free.
199,00 Kč
Picture of St. Martin's Goose with Cabbage and Dumpling (450g)

St. Martin's Goose with Cabbage and Dumpling (450g)

St. Martin's Goose with Cabbage and Dumplings from Adventure Menu: a traditional delicacy reimagined. Tender goose meat, homemade red cabbage, and juicy potato dumplings.
329,00 Kč
Picture of Tandoori Quinoa - VEGAN (400g)

Tandoori Quinoa - VEGAN (400g)

Discover the magic of Tandoori Quinoa - VEGAN (400g) from Adventure Menu. Inspired by India, this dish combines quinoa with a rich mix of vegetables and exotic spices. Ideal for vegans and anyone seeking a healthy and tasty meal. Gluten-free, egg-free, and lactose-free.
229,00 Kč
Picture of Pork with Dumplings and Cabbage (400g)

Pork with Dumplings and Cabbage (400g)

Taste a piece of Czech tradition with Pork with Dumplings and Cabbage from Adventure Menu. This 400g dish combines slowly cooked pork shoulder with fluffy dumplings and crunchy cabbage, ideal for lovers of authentic flavors.
219,00 Kč
Picture of Vegetable Risotto with Tofu (400g)

Vegetable Risotto with Tofu (400g)

Discover the delicious Vegetable Risotto with Tofu (400g) from Adventure Menu. Packed with rich vegetables and quality tofu, it's perfect for anyone who loves healthy and tasty food. Gluten-free, egg-free, and lactose-free.
185,00 Kč
Picture of Chicken in wild sauce and rice (400g)

Chicken in wild sauce and rice (400g)

Discover the taste of Wild Chicken with Rice from Adventure Menu. Prepared from fresh ingredients for an authentic gourmet experience. The perfect choice for adventure lovers with easy preparation and long shelf life.
229,00 Kč