Aluminum Bottle for 580 BBs - Black

The aluminum bottle for 580 BBs from FALLENS AIRSOFT in sleek black is a must-have for every airsoft player. Perfect for snipers who prefer heavier ammo, with options for customization and BB weight engraving. Durable, practical, and stylish - enhance your airsoft experience with a bottle that keeps up with you at every step. An accessory that's not just about looks, but functionality.
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Aluminum Bottle for 580 BBs by FALLENS AIRSOFT

Introducing the practical aluminum bottle for 580 BBs by FALLENS AIRSOFT, the perfect accessory for all airsoft players looking for a reliable and stylish way to carry their ammunition. This product is especially suitable for snipers and players who prefer heavier ammunition and do not need to carry a large amount of BBs during the action.

Main Features

  • Capacity: The bottle offers ample space for up to 580 BBs.
  • Material: Made of lightweight and durable aluminum in an elegant matte black color.
  • Lid: Matte black lid with the option to engrave BB weight information, such as 0.48g, which helps with quick content identification.
  • Personalization: The body of the bottle is standardly engraved with the "FALLENS AIRSOFT" logo without a surrounding circle, but we also offer the option to add your own graphics for a personalized touch.
  • Dimensions: Height 11 cm, diameter 4 cm, making it the ideal companion for any mission.

Why Choose Our Bottle?

Durability and Practicality: Compact and durable construction ensures that your BBs are always safe and easily accessible.

Customization Option: Add a personal touch with the option to customize the design.

Visit our website FALLENS AIRSOFT for more information and orders. Remember, the bottle is sold empty; you can choose and refill the BBs according to your preference. For quality and suitable ammunition, we recommend our high-quality FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs, for example, 0.48g.

Enhance your airsoft experience with our aluminum bottle for 580 BBs – practicality, style, and quality all in one!

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