FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.48g (2083bb) - Grade II (cosmetic flaws)

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.48g (2083bb) / 1kg - Grade II (cosmetic flaws) - Highest weight for ultimate airsoft snipers. The BBs contain minor cosmetic flaws, which in 99% of cases do not affect their function.
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FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.48g (2083bb) / 1kg - Grade II (cosmetic flaws) packaging: Highest weight for ultimate snipers

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.48g (2083bb) / 1kg - Grade II are the ideal choice for players seeking exceptional performance at a truly advantageous price, despite their minor visual imperfections. This second grade of BBs contains small dimples left from the molding process. These minor flaws are visible but are smooth and do not protrude from the BB, meaning they do not affect the flight trajectory or endanger your airsoft weapons in 99% of cases.

With an unplanned weight of nearly 0.49g, these BBs provide better stability in flight and improved range, ideal for precise shooting at longer distances. Although there is a slight reduction in muzzle velocity, the increased range and accuracy are invaluable for snipers and experienced players.

We offer these special BBs at a price close to zero margin, ensuring not only cost-effectiveness but also availability for all passionate players who dare to experiment and support a Czech company.

Let yourself be convinced by the quality that dominates the field, take advantage of this advantageous offer, and support the Czech company.

According to preliminary information from some customers:

Magazines that function without issues:

  • ssg10 - verified
  • striker
  • srs
  • CM.701
  • CM.700
  • TM
  • CA
  • l96
  • well vsr-10
  • Ar10 / sr25 - verified
  • cyma svd push + wind-up

Works for one, not for another:

  • M40 CM700A (worked for Carlos Shifty in the video)
  • M24 CM702 (worked for Carlos Shifty in the video)

Magazines that jam:

  • VFC for SCAR H 
  • G&G for .308 TR16
Attribute nameAttribute value
BBs bags
Bag weight1 kg
BBs quantity in package2083 ks
BBs typeRegular

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