FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.36g (2777bb)

Highly accurate FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.36g (2777bb) / 1kg package for professional players.
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FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.36g (2777bb) / 1kg Package: Extremely Precise Airsoft BBs for Professional Players

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.36g (2777bb) / 1kg package are 6mm airsoft BBs with an even higher weight, offering excellent accuracy and range for professional players. These 0.36g airsoft BBs are ideal for players seeking maximum performance and stability of their airsoft weapons.

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Features of FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.36g (2777bb) / 1kg Package

  • Precise weight of 0.36g with a tolerance of 0.004g
  • Exact dimension of 5.95mm with a tolerance of 0.01mm
  • Absolute roundness
  • Absolute smoothness
  • No cavities inside the BBs
  • Purity
  • Affordable price
  • 1kg package contains 2777 BBs

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Attribute nameAttribute value
BBs bags
Bag weight1 kg
BBs quantity in package2777 ks
BBs typeRegular