Self-Heating Capsule BIG (60g) - for heating 2 meals at once

Simplify your dining on the go with the Self-Heating Capsule BIG (60g) from Adventure Menu, capable of heating two meals at once. Ideal for quick and safe preparation of hot dishes without a stove. Perfect for outdoor adventures.
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The revolution in outdoor dining is here with the Self-Heating Capsule BIG (60g) from Adventure Menu! Enjoy the ultimate comfort on the go without needing to carry a stove or dishwasher. This innovative product allows you to heat food in just 12 minutes without using fire or a stove, thanks to the chemical reaction between calcium oxide and water.

The Self-Heating Capsule BIG is designed for everyone who wants to spend their time in nature more efficiently. Whether you plan to pitch a tent, light a campfire, or just relax with some yoga, this flameless chemical heater allows you to quickly and safely prepare a hot meal.

Try the Self-Heating from Adventure Menu and see for yourself that you can have hot food anytime and anywhere, quickly and without unnecessary equipment. Its lightness and speed of preparation make the Self-Heating Capsule BIG an essential helper for every adventurer. It's a breakthrough in convenience for dining on the go!