Self-Heating SET SMALL (5x30g | Zipper-bag)

The Self-Heating SET SMALL (5x30g | Zipper-bag) from Adventure Menu is perfect for quickly heating food in the field without the need for a stove. Great for airsoft players and outdoor enthusiasts, the set allows for heating up to 5 meals and is ideal for extended missions.
219,00 Kč

Self-Heating SET SMALL (5x30g | Zipper-bag) from Adventure Menu – Your essential companion for every outdoor mission or airsoft game. This set offers a convenient and efficient solution for heating food anytime and anywhere, without the need to carry a heavy stove or depend on fire.

These self-heating capsules use a flameless chemical reaction between calcium oxide and water, ensuring that one meal is heated in just 12 minutes. Suitable for quick and safe meal preparation in the field, the set includes 5 capsules of 30g each, each designed to heat one standard meal.

The package also includes a durable Zipper-bag, designed for repeated use and easily fitting into your gear. It's ideal equipment for airsoft players who spend long days in the field and need a quick and reliable food heating solution, as well as for military enthusiasts who appreciate the compactness and efficiency of this system.

Use the Self-Heating SET SMALL to free up more time for strategic planning and action, instead of losing time preparing food. Just add water, activate, and you have the perfect solution for hot dining that you can use during a short break on your missions or in nature.

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