Speed loader (quick charger) 100 BBs - transparent orange

Speed Loader 100 BBs - Clear Orange: Essential accessory for airsoft enthusiasts, simplifying and speeding up the loading process for all types of magazines - whether spring, rotary, or gas-powered.
Manufacturer: Delta Armory
Availability: Low stock
60,00 Kč

Speed Loader 100 BBs - Clear Orange: The perfect companion for efficient airsoft play

Enhance your airsoft gear with this indispensable speed loader with a capacity of 100 BBs. Designed with an emphasis on quality and efficiency, its transparent orange design not only adds visual appeal but also allows for easy monitoring of remaining BBs. This quick loader is essential for all types of airsoft magazines, becoming your reliable ally during intense airsoft battles.

Loading magazines is simple and efficient with this loader. Easily pour in BBs through the convenient drop-down door, attach it to the magazine, and swiftly and effortlessly transfer them with the plunger. This system not only saves time but also reduces the risk of losing BBs. With its sturdy construction, the speed loader is ready for frequent use, making it ideal for every airsoft enthusiast.

Add to your purchase with quality airsoft BBs or check out our selection of airsoft magazines. We recommend buying multiple loaders for different types of BBs, available in our wide range.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
ColorTransparent orange
Speed loaders / BBs loaders / bbs fillers / bbs chargers
BBs capacity100 BBs
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