Airsoft BBs 6mm

Welcome to the Airsoft BBs 6mm category by FALLENS AIRSOFT!

When you're seeking BBs that combine premium quality with affordable prices, you're in the right place. Our BBs aren't just ordinary ammunition - they're a result of our unyielding dedication to purity, precision, and consistency in production.

Thanks to meticulous oversight in the manufacturing process, we guarantee absolute accuracy in dimensions and weight of each BB. This means that with FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs, you can be confident that every BB you load into your weapon will fly the same trajectory, giving you an edge in shooting accuracy.

Whether you prefer regular BBs for traditional gameplay, bio versions for the eco-conscious player, or are heading out for night missions with tracer BBs, with FALLENS AIRSOFT you're choosing a product you can rely on.

For more information and various tips on BB selection, we recommend visiting our blog. There you'll find articles, advice, and other insights to further advance your airsoft journey.

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FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.20g (5000bb)

High-quality 0.20g airsoft BBs from FALLENS AIRSOFT for beginners and advanced players.
From 210,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.23g (4347bb)

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.23g - High-Performance Airsoft BBs for Increased Accuracy and Range
From 212,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.25g (4000bb)

High-quality FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.25g - the perfect choice for beginners and advanced players alike.
From 214,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.28g (3571bb)

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.28g - highly accurate airsoft BBs for advanced players.
From 224,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.30g (3333bb)

High-performance 0.30g airsoft BBs (3333 pieces) for demanding players seeking maximum accuracy and range from their airsoft guns.
From 335,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.32g (3125bb)

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.32g (3125bb) / 1kg package are high-performance 6mm airsoft BBs designed for professional players, offering maximum accuracy and range.
From 345,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.36g (2777bb)

Highly accurate FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.36g (2777bb) / 1kg package for professional players.
From 660,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.40g (2500bb)

Highly precise 0.40g airsoft BBs for advanced and professional players.
From 770,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.43g (2325bb)

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.43g - precise 6mm airsoft BBs for demanding players.
From 810,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.45g (2222bb)

High-weight FALLENS 0.45g airsoft BBs - ideal for powerful guns and advanced players.
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FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.48g (2083bb) - Grade II (cosmetic flaws)

FALLENS AIRSOFT BBs 0.48g (2083bb) / 1kg - Grade II (cosmetic flaws) - Highest weight for ultimate airsoft snipers. The BBs contain minor cosmetic flaws, which in 99% of cases do not affect their function.
750,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT TRACER BBs 0.20g (5000bb) - green

Quality ammunition makes up 50% of the success of your shooting, so it should not be underestimated...
395,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT TRACER BBs 0.25g (4000bb) - green

Quality ammunition makes up 50% of the success of your shooting, so it should not be underestimated...
415,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT TRACER BBs 0.28g (3571bb) - green

Quality ammunition makes up 50% of the success of your shooting, so it should not be underestimated...
495,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BIO BBs 0.23g (4347bb)

FALLENS AIRSOFT BIO BBs 0.23g - Powerful, biodegradable airsoft pellets for enhanced accuracy and range.
295,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BIO BBs 0.25g (4000bb)

345,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BIO BBs 0.28g (3571bb)

355,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT BIO BBs 0.32g (3125bb)

385,00 Kč