FALLENS AIRSOFT PVC Patch 10cm - Glows in the Dark

The FALLENS AIRSOFT PVC Patch 10cm - Glows in the Dark is an essential accessory for every airsoft enthusiast and collector. This patch not only glows in the dark after exposure to light but also adds a unique style to your gear. Durable and easily attachable with Velcro, it offers functionality and visibility. Be seen and stand out!
Manufacturer: FALLENS AIRSOFT s.r.o.
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150,00 Kč

FALLENS AIRSOFT PVC Patch 10cm - Glows in the Dark is the perfect accessory for every airsoft enthusiast and collector who wants to stand out. This unique 10cm patch not only adds style to your gear but also increases your visibility and safety during night missions and games.

The patch features a prominent green circle and the white FALLENS AIRSOFT logo that glows in the dark after being exposed to light during the day. This effect ensures that you remain visible even in low light conditions, which is crucial for orientation and safety in the field. It glows for several minutes after exposure, making it ideal for short breaks and quick movements in the dark.

FALLENS AIRSOFT PVC Patch is made from durable PVC material, which is not only long-lasting but also resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. Thanks to the Velcro backing, it can be easily attached to any gear, including vests, backpacks, or caps, and can be repeatedly repositioned as needed.

This patch adds a personal and collectible character to your gear. Anyone who wears it expresses their support for the FALLENS AIRSOFT community and shares their enthusiasm for this exciting sport. It is the perfect choice for those who want to combine functionality with unique looks and collectible value.

Don't miss out on the FALLENS AIRSOFT PVC Patch 10cm - Glows in the Dark and enhance your gear with an accessory that combines practical use, style, and unique collectible value. Add this unique patch to your collection and support our community!

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