Self-Heating Capsule SMALL (30g)

The Self-Heating Capsule SMALL (30g) from Adventure Menu is a revolutionary solution for quickly heating food in the outdoors. Without the need for fire or a stove, using a chemical reaction, it heats food in just 12 minutes. Ideal for hikers, campers, and airsoft players at all-day or multi-day events where a hot meal is fundamental for comfort.
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Introducing the Self-Heating Capsule SMALL (30g) from Adventure Menu, ideal for heating one large meal or two smaller portions (200g or 250g) during your outdoor adventures! Enjoy maximum comfort on the go without the need to carry heavy stoves and dishware.

This flameless chemical heater is a revolutionary solution for anyone needing to quickly and efficiently heat food in the field. It works on the principle of an exothermic reaction between calcium oxide and water, ensuring your meal is heated in just 12 minutes.

The Self-Heating Capsule SMALL is designed for easy use and is the ideal companion for airsoft missions, camping, hiking, or just relaxing in nature, allowing you to spend time on activities like setting up camp or practicing yoga instead of cooking.

Experience comfort anywhere, whether you're training, competing, or just relaxing in nature. The Self-Heating Capsule SMALL means hot food anytime and anywhere, bringing the warm comfort of home to your outdoor adventures.