Self-Heating SET BIG (5x60g | Zipper-bag)

The Self-Heating SET BIG (5x60g | Zipper-bag) from Adventure Menu is ideal for airsoft missions and outdoor activities. This set allows for quick heating of up to 10 meals without a stove. A great choice for long-term field operations where hot food is key to maintaining performance and morale.
269,00 Kč


Meet the Self-Heating SET BIG, a popular solution for quickly heating food during your airsoft and military actions. This set is designed for warriors and adventurers who spend long hours in the field and need a reliable and quick way to prepare hot food without unnecessary burden.

The self-heating capsule works on the basis of a flameless chemical reaction between calcium oxide and water, heating your food in just 12 minutes. The entire heating process takes place in a practical Zipper-bag, which is robust, reusable, and ideal for use in harsh conditions.

The set includes 5 self-heating capsules of 60g each, each capsule effectively and safely heats two meals at once, meaning that with one set you can prepare up to 10 servings of hot food. It is essential equipment for anyone participating in multi-day missions and needs to maintain performance and morale at a high level.

Take advantage of the Self-Heating SET BIG from Adventure Menu and focus on strategy and tactics instead of wasting time cooking. Just add water, activate the heater, and enjoy a nutritionally balanced meal while planning the next steps of your mission.

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