Vegetable Risotto with Tofu (400g)

Discover the delicious Vegetable Risotto with Tofu (400g) from Adventure Menu. Packed with rich vegetables and quality tofu, it's perfect for anyone who loves healthy and tasty food. Gluten-free, egg-free, and lactose-free.
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For all lovers of a healthy diet, we introduce Vegetable Risotto with Tofu (400g) from Adventure Menu - a true treat for vegetarians and those in search of a delicious and balanced meal. The used new parboiled rice excels in holding its shape and offers the ideal "al dente" consistency expected from a genuine risotto.

This risotto is enriched with carefully selected vegetables - baby carrots, peas, green beans, and corn, creating the perfect foundation for an unforgettable taste experience. The distinct flavor of the risotto is further enhanced by a mix of Provençal herbs. For full satisfaction and to complete the overall flavor, diced natural nigari tofu has been added, which will be loved by everyone who prefers an active and healthy lifestyle.



Vegetables 54% (green beans, baby carrots, peas, corn, tomatoes, peppers, onion), parboiled rice 25%, Tofu 20% (soy, Nigari sea salt), rapeseed oil, salt (salt, potassium iodate), Provençal spices, cumin, pepper, chili.

Nutritional Values

  100 gPer Meal
Energy Valuekcal98392
Energy ValuekJ4121648
Saturated Fatsg0,31,2
Attribute nameAttribute value
Nutritional Values (100g)
Energy Value (kcal)98
Energy Value (kJ)412
Fat (g)2,8
Saturated Fats (g)0,3
Protein (g)4,8
Carbohydrates (g)13,3
Sugars (g)2,3
Salt (g)0,7

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